Features of Body Care

Features of Body Care

Balance the body with body and stretch.

In stubborn stiff shoulder and back pain, there are not many cases where improvement does not readily go through treatment for many years.

I would like you to keep an eye on this partner stretch to increase trigger point therapy using static pressure, body flexibility, and functionality.

At Kenkoudou, we will take these two and prepare our posture to bring the body easier and more functional.

I will improve blood circulation.

It is also the first condition of health that blood flows to the corner of the body.

The body will function only after carrying enough oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.

Blood also carries temperature, so the body gets warmer after dorsal surgery.

We will inform you of explanations and advice after treatment.

It is a body that has become easy at ease. It’s a waste to leave it alone.

Therefore, we will inform you about stretching, exercises etc. that you can take care of in your life and at home and workplaces.


What is trigger point therapy using static pressure

When you push a stiff place or a painful place, there is something like a crunch and a hard lump.

The lump is a place where fatigue substances and waste products are collected as a result of muscle bad blood circulation.

So, when you push in this lump, you will find the point where the pain spreads.

That point is called a trigger point and it means that it is exactly the trigger of the pain (trigger).

Then, using resting pressure (stop pressing for 20 to 30 seconds) will firmly loosen the trigger point and improve blood circulation.

Pushing one point on the hose through which water is flowing and releasing it for a while is the same principle as water flows swiftly.

Repeated resting pressure about 2 to 3 times will relieve pain.


What is partner stretch

If you extend the muscles in a stationary state for a certain period of time, the range of operation of the joints will be expanded, the flexibility of the body will be obtained, and it will be possible to move more functionally.

Partner stretch will use this mechanism to stretch together.

Flexibility around the shoulders and hips, hip joints and feet, as well as fatigue recovery, relaxation effect can be obtained.



Approximately 60 minutes ¥ 4,500

Approximately 90 minutes ¥ 7,500

(First-time users will need the first viewing fee ¥ 1,000)