Features of running Care

Features of running Care

Running care is a special course for Runner.

We will concentrate on joint pain including tired muscles, knees and hips in running.

In many cases, tired and hard muscles lead to breakdown

Even though it does not hurt anywhere, I think that regular running care is necessary.

Moreover, it is inefficient even if practicing how much with a tired body

Even if you practice in a good condition for a short time, the running power will be up!

Failure and prevention of running, those who want to prepare conditions before the event, those who want to raise the running power, etc.

Please come and visit us at this opportunity including your own condition check.


Approximately 60 minutes ¥ 4,500

Approximately 90 minutes ¥ 7,500

(First-time users will need the first viewing fee ¥ 1,000)