Features of Stretching

Features of Stretching

It is a course specialized only for stretching.

The main feature of this course is to extend the muscles and make body flexibility.

Stretching in recent years has been widely implemented not only for athletes but also for the general public, such as prevention of stiff shoulder stiffness and low back pain in housework and work tired body.

The difficult part and direction are difficult for one person alone

If it is a partner stretch it is possible to stretch in a relaxed state without being forcibly.

I will stretch after listening to the state of the body.

It is ideal for those who want to improve the condition before the race, such as improvement of stiff shoulder, back pain, back stoop, running fatigue recovery.

Partner · Stretch

If you extend the muscles in a stationary state for a certain period of time, the range of operation of the joints will be expanded, the flexibility of the body will be obtained, and it will be possible to move more functionally.

Partner stretch will use this mechanism to stretch together.

Flexibility around the shoulders and hips, hip joints and feet, as well as fatigue recovery, relaxation effect can be obtained.



Approximately 40 minutes \ 4,000

(First-time users will need the first viewing fee ¥ 1,000)